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Modern engine designs have become complicated and as such require more sophisticated engine additives and lubrication in order to achieve optimum performance. Engine oil helps to lubricate moving parts in your engine to reduce friction while protecting your engine from corrosion. We stock oils from big brands such as Caltex, Castrol, Chevron and Shell, as well as our own Midas Liquid Gold range.

Our fuel injector cleaners help to improve your vehicle performance by keeping your injectors clean. We also offer several other additives and lubricants for your motor vehicle, including engine flush products, radiator flushes and moisture repellents.


Midas carries an extensive variety of merchandise, covering the requirements of all outdoor activities for campers and caravaners and adventure enthusiasts. Whether you are out in the mountains camping under the stars or relaxing in with your family for a fun afternoon in the backyard, Midas has got the right products to suit your outdoor and lifestyle needs. Our camping range ensures maximum comfort and convenience as you explore the outdoors. Tents range from kiddies tents to 6-man canvas tents for the enthusiast, whilst the lighting range covers torches, headlamps and a variety of lanterns.  Are you an adventure-loving, outdoor buff? Then visit our Midas store in Hartswater to stock up before you set out on your next quest.

Our sporting range is targeted at fun-loving, active adults and children alike. Various products such as junior cricket sets and water sport products such as pools and boats will add fun to your outdoor activities.


In order to keep your car in an admirable condition, you require distinct products that are uniquely designed to keep your car rejuvenated. Midas stock a broad range of car care products intended to protect your car against harsh conditions. Our product are sourced from suppliers who highly specialize in car cleaning products to keep your car spotless as well as products designed to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Visit Midas Hartswater store to get car care product best-suited for your ride.


The broad diversity of quality service products from Midas, offers a range that is secured by leading global and local brands to service the replacement markets for various vehicles. Products offered include all service parts to meet a vehicle’s servicing requirements. Midas’ unmatched pricing, backed by skilled sales staff, adds that extra significant value for the customer. We aim to service our customers with quality, competitive pricing, guaranteed components and an ever expanding range.


Midas is one of the leaders in the vehicle styling and accessories market and as such, our outlets stock a wide variety of products designed to best suit your vehicle customization needs.  Because we value high quality, our products are sourced from top suppliers internationally who ensure that our range is up-to-date with global accessory offerings. The accessory product range falls under the labels of AutoGear and Midas Style products which are exclusively available at Midas.. Our products include both interior and exterior styling accessories, designed to give you comfort, functionality and sophistication, whatever revs your engine.


Our Midas shops carry a very wide range of products to meet the needs and wants of different consumers in the market place. Whether you require affordable quality hand tools, professional quality tools, or workshop equipment, we have the right selection available. The brands in this vast range include the leading popular brands in the markets as well as our very own Autogear and Midas Professional ranges. Because of our confidence in the quality of our tools, we have backed the Midas Professional tool range with a lifetime guarantee, assuring you of the best possible, quality tools available.


Midas carries a sizeable range of trailer and truck accessories in its retail network. Our products include trailer jockeys, truck wheel chocks, LED lighting, trailer plugs, towballs and warning triangles.

Visit our Midas store to take advantage of these competitively priced, quality products


Midas stocks a range of vehicle lights, bulbs and lamps for popular vehicles in the market. Our brands include Hella, Autogear, Osram and Midas Style among others. Whatever you need to illuminate your path, Midas has got the right brand of lighting product to suit your needs.


Midas stocks welding products which include inverters, welding rods, air compressor kits as well as auto darkening helmets. All these are sourced from reputable brands such as Matpro, Matweld and Matair.


Our workshop equipment range is designed to suit both the D-I-Y mechanic in his garage and the professional in a workshop setting. We offer quality products that make the workshop a comfortable and safe place to work in and tools that ensure efficiency of work. Our products include but are not limited to; jacks, booster cables, garage creepers, jump starts, battery charger and fire extinguishers